The Earl of Pembroke tall ship offers its decks
for you to feel like a sailor of the past

The Earl of Pembroke


The Earl of Pembroke

We would like to invite you to a different world, to a different age, to the age of sail – a world of wooden ships crossing the high seas, romantic voyages, and great discoveries. Earl of Pembroke offers its decks for you to feel like a Tall Ship sailor of the past while on a voyage of discovery.

Why Earl of Pembroke, you may ask? In 1768, Captain Cook set off on a voyage that was to change history. He was to be remembered as the discoverer of Australia. He sailed aboard the vessel acquired by the Royal Navy, which was renamed HMS Endeavour. Yes, you have guessed it! Before its acquisition by the navy, this famous ship used to be named Earl of Pembroke.

It was in 1985 when this great sailing ship was bestowed with the rig resembling the one under which Captain Cook made his great discovery. It was then when the Earl of Pembroke earned its name.

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This majestic vessel is ready to sail for sea adventures and voyages. The combination of the authentic atmosphere, great service and modern equipment will make your time on the ship unforgettable. Get on board!


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This beautiful barque has been highly sought after for both big and small screen productions. Most notable features include «Alice in the Wonderland», «Cloud Atlas» and «Treasure Island». Find out more about filming with the Earl of Pembroke.


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Discover an unusual, but effective location for your brand, which will most definitely not go unnoticed. The vibrant scarlet or the white sails of this authentic three-masted barque are equally hard to miss. Learn more about this unique opportunity.